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Crackers from low FODMAP bread

When I first tried to make crackers from low FODMAP bread I used homemade sourdough-bread from spelt. Perfect on the go or when traveling Before going to Prague, I packed the crackers in an airtight [...]

Happy low FODMAP new year

We are already in the second week of January and it's time to say happy low FODMAP new year Quite on the blog... I've been quite the last weeks. The reasons are many: I've been [...]

Low FODMAP banana in bacon coat

Low FODMAP banana in bacon coat is a dish usually made with dates. Dates are high in FODMAP so, unfortunately, a no-go. I really love dates in bacon coat, but my digestion system has never [...]

Chinese low FODMAP dictionary

I promised a Chinese low FODMAP dictionary in another blogpost about China! The dicitonary has been translated from English to Chinese by a Chinese student. Because I don't have Chinese language skills at all, I [...]

Low FODMAP smoothie

Unfortunately it's easy to drink too much low FODMAP smoothie, because it's so delicious! Because fruit, also low FODMAP fruit contains fructose it is recommended to eat no more than around 100-150 g. fruit/berries per [...]

The worlds best cake

The worlds best cake is one of the most populare Norwegian cakes. It's also one of my favorites and always a hit to bring to a party. It's impossible to taste that it's "allergy-friendly" and [...]

Low FODMAP-diet in China

Doing a low FODMAP-diet in China, at least if you are in elimination, can be difficult. I know this from experience as my husband lived in China last year. I was at home, in Norway. [...]

Glutenfree lactosefree low FODMAP fudge 

The recipe glutenfree lactosefree low FODMAP fudge was developed after I let the caramel sauce simmer too long. Voila, a new recipe! If you can tolerate coffee I suggest you eat these sweet treats with [...]

Lactosefree low FODMAP vanilla custard

Lactosefree low FODMAP vanilla custard is an ingredient in many cakes and it was one of the first recipes I made in for Norwegian blog. If you want to make vanilla sauce you can add [...]