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Crackers with chia-seeds and oats

This is a version of another recipe I made som years ago, for my Norwegian blog. This recipe of crackers with chia-seeds and oats has less oats and some chia-seeds. My digestionsystem is not happy [...]

Sourdoughbread with spelt

Why is sourdoughbread of 100% spelt low FODMAP while spelt is not low FODMAP? Spelt is lower in FODMAP than wheat, but unfortunately not low enough to be concidered low FODMAP. However sourdoughbread of 100% [...]

Glutenfree potato lompe

What is glutenfree potato lompe ? In Norway we call this for potato lompe or lefse. What the name is in English? Maybe soft flat bread or thin bread? I don't know, so I have [...]

Lactosefree dulce de leche

Lactosefree dulce de leche Dulce de leche means "jam of milk". In Norwegian I think it's called caramel sauce. :)  It's like thick caramel sauce and it can be used as topping for [...]

Glutenfree spring rolls

Today I got a question for low FODMAP spring rolls, from a Canadian low FODMAPer. I have written the recipe in my Norwegian blog and in my Norwegian cookbook, so it's on time I write [...]

Glutenfree and lactosefree chocolate fondant

Gluten and lactosfree chocolate fondant is perfect when you're in need of something sweet! For 6-7 small glutenfree and lactosefree chocolate fondants you will need: 60 g./2,1 oz. butter 100 g./ 3,5 oz. dark chocolate [...]

Low FODMAP homemade sweet chili sauce

Before I started on the low FODMAP-diet, I used to use sweet chili sauce on everyhing. I've tried sweet chili sauce many times and it ends, unfortunately, always.... in the toilet. :) . I gave [...]

Low FODMAP velvet chocolate cake

I've never tasted velvet before, but I can imagine that this glutenfree, low FODMAP cake tastes quite similar! I made this recipe when we were in China (husband lived there for a year while I [...]