Low FODMAP chive oil

Low FODMAP chive oil is a fantastic substitute for garlic oil. It works well as a sauce as well as an oil. What I really missed when I started the low FODMAP-diet was garlic and [...]

Glutenfree sweet buns

Some days ago I showed pictures of my glutenfree sweet buns at my instagram account. I knew that the recipe is in my Norwegian blog and was pretty sure it was here too, but I [...]

Glutenfree and lactosefree cheesecake

Glutenfree and lactosefree cheesecake is one of the favorites when I bring it for parties or birthdays. Eerybody likes it and it's really easy to make too.   For the bottom you will need: 150 [...]

Low FODMAP homemade butter

Homemade butter, is it worth the effort? Some weeks ago I thought I would try to make butter. I had bought some ordinary cream/cream with lactose mostly because it was half price - it had [...]

Low FODMAP salmon with cucumber

Low FODMAP salmon with cucumber-salad and lactose-free sour-cream reminds me of summer. I don't know why I mostly eat it in the summer-months, as salmon is something you can get all year round, but for [...]

Lactosefree low FODMAP snowballs

Low FODMAP snowballs is timeconsuming to make, but oh-so good! When I posted the picture of the gluten and lactose free low FODMAP snowballs on Instagram, I received many questions about the recipe. I had to [...]

Crackers from low FODMAP bread

When I first tried to make crackers from low FODMAP bread I used homemade sourdough-bread from spelt. Perfect on the go or when traveling Before going to Prague, I packed the crackers in an airtight [...]

Low FODMAP banana in bacon coat

Low FODMAP banana in bacon coat is a dish usually made with dates. Dates are high in FODMAP so, unfortunately, a no-go. I really love dates in bacon coat, but my digestion system has never [...]