Low FODMAP banana in bacon coat

Low FODMAP banana in bacon coat is a dish usually made with dates. Dates are high in FODMAP so, unfortunately, a no-go. I really love dates in bacon coat, but my digestion system has never [...]

Low FODMAP smoothie

Unfortunately it's easy to drink too much low FODMAP smoothie, because it's so delicious! Because fruit, also low FODMAP fruit contains fructose it is recommended to eat no more than around 100-150 g. fruit/berries per [...]

Low FODMAP glutenfree muslibars

  When I need something on the go, when traveling or if I'm just in need of something to nibble, glutenfree muslibars saves me! I make two portions and put them in an airtight container/box [...]

Crackers with chia-seeds and oats

This is a version of another recipe I made som years ago, for my Norwegian blog. This recipe of crackers with chia-seeds and oats has less oats and some chia-seeds. My digestionsystem is not happy [...]

Glutenfree spring rolls

Today I got a question for low FODMAP spring rolls, from a Canadian low FODMAPer. I have written the recipe in my Norwegian blog and in my Norwegian cookbook, so it's on time I write [...]