I promised a Chinese low FODMAP dictionary in another blogpost about China! The dicitonary has been translated from English to Chinese by a Chinese student. Because I don’t have Chinese language skills at all, I don’t know if the translation is right, or if something has been lost in translation. However I have used part of the list in China myself and I have also a friend who used it with no problems there.

Soon China again!

I’m soon on my way back to China again. Yes, you are right, I was there only 1,5 weeks ago. Because Mr. low FODMAP works in China some moths during the year, I’m quite often in China. Since I am doing monthly talks at the hospital, as a patient, and because my publisher wants me to be home in Norway, I can’t stay in China all the time.

The use of onion and garlic in Chinese food

Last time I was in China I discussed the use of onion and garlic in Chinese food. I have always thought it was loaded with both. At least the Norwegian Chinese food is! I was told that they don’t use much onion. Onion is not a Chinese vegetable and they use mostly spring-onion instead! Garlic by itself they only use in some dishes. However I am pretty sure they use a lot of chili- and garlic sauce… So no, I wouldn’t trust that there is no onion or garlic in the Chinese food. However….. I am pretty sure that the sweet and sour dish is without and the same with dishes with soya sauce.

Chinese low FODMAP dictionary

Here is the  Chinese dictionay in a pdf. The list can also be used for several other foodintolerences/allergies!







Chinese low FODMAP dictionary