glutenfree potato lompe

What is glutenfree potato lompe ?

In Norway we call this for potato lompe or lefse. What the name is in English? Maybe soft flat bread or thin bread? I don’t know, so I have chosen to call it lompe, as we do in Norway. In Norway we use it as bread with sausages (you put the sauseage inside and roll the potato lompe around the sauseage), like a waffle – with butter and sugar or as a wrap with different sandwich spreads. It’s up to you!

To make 2 glutenfree potato lompe you need:

100 g/3,5 oz. boiled potato

10 g./0,35 oz. cold butter

20 g/0,7 oz. glutenfree flour blend


Crush the potatoes with a fork and use the fork to blend in the cold butter. Continue with the flour and knead the dough. Divide the dough into two equal parts and use a baking pin to make the dough thin, but not too thin. If you make them too thin, they will become quite dry. Use a lot of flour on the table, otherwise the dough will stick to the table and you will not be able to get a nice pancake’ish dough.

Bake the glutenfree potato lompe on a pan without any fat/butter, on medium heat.

Store the lompe in a cloth if you don’t eat it at once!¬†