Today I got a question for low FODMAP spring rolls, from a Canadian low FODMAPer.

I have written the recipe in my Norwegian blog and in my Norwegian cookbook, so it’s on time I write it here in this blog too!

I don’t know if you can find glutenfree spring roll paper in your country, but in Norway ricepaper is the closest you come to glutenfree spring roll paper. I know it’s not the same ant it doesn’t get as crispy as ordinary spring rolls, but if you eat them straight from the pan, they will still be a little bit crispy. In our house both the husband and son love these!

For glutenfree spring rolls you will need the following:

Dried rice paper

Oil for frying

For the marinade:

125 g./4,4 oz. Ketchup (be sure it’s without onion/garlic/other high FODMAP)

40 g/ 1,4 oz. Balsamicoglaze

45 g/ 1,6 oz. Olive oil

15 g./ 0,5 oz. Salt

15 g./ 0,5 oz. Soy sauce (NB! as long as you don’t have celiac desease, you don’t need glutenfree)

1 tsp. pepper

1 tsp. ginger

1 tsp. sesame oil

1 tsp. cayenne pepper

2 tsp. chili flakes

For the filling:

1 iceberg lettuce

5-6 large carrots

The green part of scallions, as much as you want

1 pk. rice noodles

5-600 g./ 17,5 – 21 oz. meat or minced meat


Begin by making the marinade: Mix all ingredients. It IS strong and salty, but you have to remember that this is for quite a big portion!

Prepare the meat: Put half of the marinade in the meat and fry it.

Prepare the noodles: Boil the noodles for 2-3 min.Drain and rinse with cold water to prevent the noodles to be sticky.

Prepare the filling: Peel and grate (not sure if this is the right word…. Please feel free to help me out here!) the carrots. Cut the iceberg lettuce and scallions in thin slices. quickly fry the vegetables.

Finish the filling:

Blend the meat, the noodles, the vegetables and the rest of the marinade in a big bowl.

Prepare the ricepaper and glutenfree spring rolls:

Glutenfree spring rolls

Rinse the ricepaper, one by one, in cold water. Lay them on a wet cloth, one by one. Put wet cloths in between each ricepaper.

When the ricepaper has become completely soft, like gel (it will take about one – two minutes), add approximately 50 g/1,75 oz  (about 1.5 tablespoons) with the filling in the middle of the ricepaper.

Grasp the side of the ricepaper closest to you and roll it around the filling. Fold each of the sides in and roll up. I have found the spring rolls to hold up better if I double up the ricepaper on each spring roll.

How to fry/cook the glutenfree spring rolls:

Heat up oil in a pan. Fry the spring rolls for 2-3 min. on each side. Be careful so they don’t touch each other when you put them in the pan as they will then stick to each other. 

Put the finished spring rolls on a bit of paper, but don’t let the lie too long as they easily willl stick to the paper.

Serve the spring rolls straight from the pan with some low FODMAP homemade sweet chilisaus.

If you want to freeze the spring rolls: put the uncooked spring rolls on a baking tray and in the freezer. When they are frozen, put them in bags. When you take them out, remember to put them on a baking tray, individually, so they don’t stick together.