I’m so excited to tell that my cookbook Happy gut cookbook very soon will be released in North-America.

My Norwegian book was published 3,5 years ago. It became a bestseller after only 3 weeks and was one of the most sold books, non-fiction by Norwegian authors, the first half year. To be hoenst I had never dreamed that the book would be such a success, so much that I now have written two more Norwegian low FODMAP-books.

The story about the happy gut cookbook

A year ago my Norwegian editor told about me to an agent/publisher in London and last summer I had a meeting with them. Before Easter they called me to tell that they had decided to publish my book in English and that the book would be published in North-America already in October THIS year! I heard what they said but didn’t belive it. However it became more real when I was in London this summer and saw all the pages in A5 format with lots of remarks. (The last edititing of a book is usually done on physical paper and not electronic. It always gives me an exciting and special feeling to see the pages with handwritten edititing.)

I haven’t gotten the physical book yet, but the happy gut cookbook can already be prebooked at AMAZONE! Yes, I’m at AMAZONE! (Pinch my arm!) You can preorder the book here. (When my father saw the introduction of me at Amazone I got an e-mail: “You’re not from Oslo, your’re from Bergen!” And that is true, I have to edit it.)


The last 4 years have been like a dream and sometimes I feel too full of myself. Like today… But hey, it’s not every day your book is being published in North-America. A small author from little Norway!

My plan is to go to New York City in early November. I want to see the book in the shelves, meet my American publisher and maybe have a small gathering/book-launce. If you’re from NYC and want to come to the book-launche, please tell me!

What’s in the happy gut cookbook?

The North-American edition is a little bit different from the Norwegian. It has a different cover-picture and title and some recipes are new. In the book you will get my practical approach to the diet and 75 delicious and easy to make low FODMAP-recipes. I have never been super-healthy and that reflects in the book. The dishes are ordinary food, like shrimp/prawn- soupcream-cakes, chocolate-cakes etc… made low FODMAP.