We are already in the second week of January and it’s time to say happy low FODMAP new year

Quite on the blog…

I’ve been quite the last weeks. The reasons are many: I’ve been celebrating new year in China. The internet in our apartment is so that it puts me off to blog. I’m sorry for that.

Another reason is that althoug having holiday, I have been quite busy with… thinking… Hehe… January and February will be so busy and I have been planning how to do everything without going nuts. Here are some of my plans:

A talk at the biggest travel-show in Norway

Some months ago I was asked to give a talk at the biggest travel-show in Norway, in Oslo. One of the people working at the show is following my Norwegian blog and thought the theme “to travel with food allergies/intolerences” would be great for the show. I couldn’t say no to taht, could I? I also said yes to have a booth at the show, to tell about FODMAP, IBS, travling and to show how I make food in a small egg-boiler. Luckily my son, who is 21, will join and help me, if not I would not have said yes (my husband is abroad).

Official release of my new cook-book

Happy low FODMAP new year

Two days after the show in Oslo, I will still be in Oslo. My new cook-book, a low FODMAP cake-and dessertbook, will have it’s official realease the 17th. of January. My publisher is taking care of everything and so far I’m not sure what they have in mind!


The 24th. of January the release-party for the book will be held in Bergen, where I live. This tme I think it will be a cake-party!

Low FODMAP Cooking-class

Before Christmas I was asked to do a low FODMAP cooking class. It will go over three Wednesdays in February and I am really looking forward to this.


I will also continue to give monthly talks at the Norwegian intitute for functional bowel deseases (not sure if this it the English name though…. ). As you know I am not a dietitian or a doctor, but I’m there because I’m a patient. I share the practical use of the low FODMAP-diet. I also speak about how to deal with IBS, anxiety, chronic illnesses etc…

Other talks will also be given, but I think that is more interesting for my Norwegain readers. You can find more about it in my Norwegian blog lavFODMAP,


For me it’s always important that you, my readers, know who I am and where I’m coming from. I always state that I am not a registered health-person, but a patient. I have written about low FODMAP for three years now and I have also been working at with the Norwegian research team for two years. I don’t feel I’m totally lost, but still, I’m not a dietitan! However I am very happy that I can ask the right resourses if I AM lost! 🙂

Happy low FODMAP new year

Thank you so much for following me here in the blog, at Facebook and Instagram. I wish you all the best for the coming year. Please don’t hesitate to ask me either here in the blog, at Facebook or Instagram. You can also e-mail me cecilie (at) lavfodmap.no