lactosfree dulce de leche

Lactosefree dulce de leche

Dulce de leche means “jam of milk”. In Norwegian I think it’s called caramel sauce. 🙂 

It’s like thick caramel sauce and it can be used as topping for cupcakes, on pancakes, fruit, on waffles, cakes… practically everything you want to be sweet! I’ve seen dulche de leche been made with condenced milk, but because that is full of lactose (and FODMAP) I needed to find another recipe. This recipe is so easy and the caramel sauce is absolutly delicious!

To make lactosefree dulce de leche you need:

200 g./7 oz. lactosefree full cream

55 g./2 oz. brown sugar


Put the brown sugar in a casserole and melt it on high temperature on the oven. It’s supposed to boil and get dark brown. When the sugar is dark brown add the cream. Let the cream simmer for 20-25 minutes while you constantly stir. When the dulche de leche is finished, it’s supposed to be thick, but still runny. If you cook it too long, it will be fudge-like caramel. VERY nice, but not dulche de leche!