Lactosefree low FODMAP vanilla custard is an ingredient in many cakes and it was one of the first recipes I made in for Norwegian blog. If you want to make vanilla sauce you can add a little bit more suga and more lactosefree milk, to make it more runny.

Lactosefree low FODMAP vanilla custard

1 dl./3,5 oz. lactosefree milk

1 egg yolk

15 g./0,5 oz. sugar

Some vanilla sugar

7 g./0,25 oz. Maizena/corn starch


Warm up the milk, vanilla sugar and sugar. Set aside. Stir together the egg yolk and corn starch. Pour the hot milk over and warm it all up againg until the custard gets thick and creamy. It will get thicker when it’s cooled down.

If you want to use the custard in cakes you can add around 1 dl./3,5 oz. lactosefree whipped cream.