Low FODMAP chive oil is a fantastic substitute for garlic oil. It works well as a sauce as well as an oil.

What I really missed when I started the low FODMAP-diet was garlic and onion. Garlic bread…. garlic in my salad…. garlic all over… 🙂 I loved garlic and that’s maybe why I had so much trouble with my stomach. My poor belly!

This low FODMAO chive oil is so easy to make, hardly a recipe! Still it’s so so good and if you miss garlic as much as I do, you should try to make this oil! (And if you make sourdough-bread, try to dip the bread…)

Low FODMAP chive oil

0,5 dl/ 1/4 cup olive oil

A bundle of fresh chive

A pinch of salt


Put the oil and chive in a food-prosessor or in a blender. Turn on and mix for 10-15 seconds. Add a little bit of salt and taste. Add more salt if needed.