Homemade bernaise sausce lowfodmapblog

It’s easy to make lowfodmap, homemade bernaise sauce!

I have always thought that making homemade bernaise sauce was too difficult to make. This is why I have waited so long with trying it. When I made homemade bernaise sauce, some months ago, I was really surprised on how easy it was! I really recommend it to those who miss sauces.

In the recipes I have seen they usually use “cleared butter”. It sounds complicated, but it’s not: Melt the butter, let it simmer for a minute and leave it for some minutes. In the bottom you will see some residues (?) from milk and on the top you will have the cleared butter. I did a test, one sauce with cleared butter and one with melted butter and to be honest, I didn’t see or taste any difference!

Low FODMAP, homemade bernaise sauce

1/2 tbsp. white wine vinegar or lemon (the important thing here is the acid)

1/2 tbsp. water

Some tarragon

Some chives

1 egg yolk

60 g./2 oz. melted and lukewarm butter

Some salt


Sauté the chives in the butter. Take the saucepan off the plate and add water, vinegar and tarragon. Add the egg yolk and stir well. Put the pan in a tub of warm water and add the butter little by little while whisking. The sauce should be heated slowly so that you have control of the temperature. If the sauce gets too thick you can add some water. How much salt you have to use depends on how salty the butter is, use your sence and taste!