Homemade butter, is it worth the effort?

Some weeks ago I thought I would try to make butter. I had bought some ordinary cream/cream with lactose mostly because it was half price – it had it’s “sell before date” the same day. I have never made homemade butter before, at least not by intention. However I have seen it, so thought I would try.

To make homemade butter you will need:

Full cream, and it does not need to be lactosefree


Whip the cream until it has seperated into a solid mass and white’ish liquid. The white’ish liquid is where the lactose is and the solig mass is the butter. Throw away the white liquid and put the butter in a bowl. Wash the butter in cold water until the water is clear.

Now you can add salt and the seasoning of your choice.

So… was it worth the effort? To be honest, no, I don’t think so. You can buy unsalted butter and add seasoning and it will taste yummi anyway… however, it was fun to try!

If you need som crackers to the butter, you can try this recipe