Unfortunately it’s easy to drink too much low FODMAP smoothie, because it’s so delicious!

Because fruit, also low FODMAP fruit contains fructose it is recommended to eat no more than around 100-150 g. fruit/berries per meal: You should not drink unlimited of smoothie, still it’s a great snack or dessert!

To get a low FODMAP smoothie that will be a bit more filling you can add some oatmeal.

To make low FODMAP smoothie you need:

3-4 grapes

2-3 strawberries

half a banana

ice cubes

about. 120 -150 g./4,2-5,3 oz. lactosefree yoghurt

If you use unsweetened yogurt you may need a little bit of sugar. It all depends on your own taste, how sweet you like the smoothie to be.


 Run all the ingredients, except the ice cubes, in a blender. Serve in a glass with ice cubes.

TIPS: Use other low FODMAP berries or fruits!