Low FODMAP snowballs is timeconsuming to make, but oh-so good! When I posted the picture of the gluten and lactose free low FODMAP snowballs on Instagram, I received many questions about the recipe. I had to make a new batch the day after to adjust the recipe slightly.

I’ve tried to make low FODMAP snowballs from recipes I found online, but fount there were too much gelatin in them. They became more like a bouncy ball than soft and velvety, in my opinion.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Try making caramel fudges!

Low FODMAP snowballs

The merengue:
2 egg whites
125 g. sugar
0.5 ml. water
1.5 gelatin sheets
Chocolate cover:
150 g. chocolate
25 g. coconut oil


Place a baking tray in the freezer.

Soak the gelatin sheets.

Make meringue: Beat the egg whites until stiff. Add sugar. Whip further for about 8-10 min.
Boil the water and add the soft gelatine sheets in the warm water. Stir until the gelatin melts and cool the gelatine-blend down.

While whipping, pour the gelatin water in a thin stream into the meringue. Now you continue whipping for about 10-15 min. Until you see that the meringue has begun to harden. It’s supposed to look like this:

Make the chocolate coating:

Reheat the coconut oil and melt the chocolate in a water bath. Pour the coconut oil in the chocolate and stir well.
Locate the baking tray from the freezer and dress it with baking paper. Put the chocolate into small circles on the baking tray, so you get a flat, thin crust. You choose how big / small you want the balls to be. The first time I made these I made them quite large. The second time, I made them smaller so they were small mouthfuls and a little easier to eat.

When the pan is cold, the chocolate will solidify relatively quickly. Put the merengue on each chocolate circle. Put the snowballs in cold for about 20 min.

Heat the chocolate in a water bath so that it becomes liquid again.
Now you can either put the balls on a baking grate and pour chocolate over, or you can wait until the chocolate is not completely liquid and pour it carefully on the balls while they are on the baking paper. When I made big chocolate balls, I used the first method, when I made small coconut balls I used the latter.
Sprinkle coconut on the chocolate if you have and like!