Lactosefree low FODMAP snowballs

Low FODMAP snowballs is timeconsuming to make, but oh-so good! When I posted the picture of the gluten and lactose free low FODMAP snowballs on Instagram, I received many questions about the recipe. I had to [...]

Glutenfree and lactosefree chocolate fondant

Gluten and lactosfree chocolate fondant is perfect when you're in need of something sweet! For 6-7 small glutenfree and lactosefree chocolate fondants you will need: 60 g./2,1 oz. butter 100 g./ 3,5 oz. dark chocolate [...]

Low FODMAP velvet chocolate cake

I've never tasted velvet before, but I can imagine that this glutenfree, low FODMAP cake tastes quite similar! I made this recipe when we were in China (husband lived there for a year while I [...]