Low FODMAP chive oil

Low FODMAP chive oil is a fantastic substitute for garlic oil. It works well as a sauce as well as an oil. What I really missed when I started the low FODMAP-diet was garlic and [...]

Lactosefree low FODMAP vanilla custard

Lactosefree low FODMAP vanilla custard is an ingredient in many cakes and it was one of the first recipes I made in for Norwegian blog. If you want to make vanilla sauce you can add [...]

Lactosefree dulce de leche

Lactosefree dulce de leche Dulce de leche means "jam of milk". In Norwegian I think it's called caramel sauce. :)  It's like thick caramel sauce and it can be used as topping for [...]

Low FODMAP homemade sweet chili sauce

Before I started on the low FODMAP-diet, I used to use sweet chili sauce on everyhing. I've tried sweet chili sauce many times and it ends, unfortunately, always.... in the toilet. :) . I gave [...]

Low FODMAP, homemade bernaise sauce

It's easy to make lowfodmap, homemade bernaise sauce! I have always thought that making homemade bernaise sauce was too difficult to make. This is why I have waited so long with trying it. When I [...]